Denture Relines

Dentures feeling loose? Perhaps it's time for a reline. Denture relines maintain your dentures suitably well and you really keep feeling comfortable! Costs are budget friendly for relines. DVA and pensioner discount rates apply. Health fund discounts are available for those with appropriate levels of cover.

Denture relines are essential about every 6-- 12 months, depending on the individual. In time, your jaw bone gradually transforms in structure and size. A reline entails remodeling the suitable surface area of the denture to enhance retention to suit these modifications. So, if your dentures are really feeling unpleasant or loose, it's most likely time to book in for a reline. Denture relines are essential for both partial dentures and complete dentures.

Health and wellness insurance coverage refunds for Denture Relines are DVA approved

We're DVA approved and also provide great deals for all pensioners. As well, if you have medical insurance, you may be entitled to a rebate, depending on your degree of cover.

What are Denture Relines?

A denture reline could extend the life of your dentures as well as keep your convenience and also your appearances. Your gum tissues have the tendency to shrink annually and your dentures can begin to really feel looser and unpredictable. This might impact your eating, your speech and you will need to evaluate this over time.

Melton Denture Clinic offer an expert denture reline service and we can update your dentures for maximum comfort, improved appearance and fit.

The length of time it takes require to reline my denture?

Denture relines can be done overnight. We would ideally make a morning booking for you. By leaving your denture with us over night you can pick it up the following early morning. Denture relines relate to full dentures or partial dentures.

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