Denture Repairs

Denture repairs can usually be done rapidly. It relies on what is called for to fix your dentures. We identify with the humiliation of being seen without your teeth so we will repair them as fast as possible.

Dentures are made of an extremely resistant material, but they do not respond well to abrupt, hard pressures such as being dropped into porcelain sinks or tiled floors. As dentures age and also end up being inadequately suitable, they could additionally be weakened by continuous flexing while being used, which results in little splits that could fracture with time.

Dentures normally experience some kind of damage over time but lingering with old dentures well past their usage by date is among the main reasons. Dentures must be relined after 4 years and replaced after 8 years as well as in some cases even much less, depending on your teeth grinding habits.

How do we repair your dentures?

Dentures repair work need a specialised fixing procedure. Before we can touch them (and after the repair service), the denture needs to be extensively cleaned and soaked in proper cleaner.

Making use of the damaged denture as a design (or sometimes we will take an impact), we pour a plaster version, grind the busted surfaces, mix brand-new acrylic and put it into the join. After that they need to be treated in a pressurised curing unit. When treated they are trimmed, brightened and cleaned up.

How long do denture repairs take?

We can fix your dentures while you wait, or you can pick them up later in the day.

If you have immediate repair work, please contact Melton Denture Clinic in Melton for leading denture repair services (03) 9746 6882.

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