HICAPS represents Health Industry Claims as well as Payments Service.

HICAPS is a digital wellness system that enables HIF participants to claim rebates immediately instantly at their health and wellness solution supplier.

Just how does HICAPS function?

As an Extras carrier (e.g. Papillon Denture Services), our dental prosthetist will bill you for dentures or denture services and ask if you have health cover. If you do, you can then hand them your HIF subscription card and they'll swipe it via a HICAPS machine (similar to Eftpos).

The providor will immediately refund HIF's payment to you, while you simply have to pay any balance owed. In circumstances where a section of the costs might be exceptional and should be paid by you, this is described as a "void settlement".

HICAPS has actually made declaring wellness fund discounts less complicated compared to before. If you lodge a case on your exclusive medical insurance or on Medicare, it can be frustrating to have to go via the procedure of declaring online; or perhaps worse, needing to go right into a Medicare branch to lodge your case. It's a fact that most health and wellness providers currently offer HICAPS, a solution that makes claiming your health and wellness fund rebate definitely simpler.

HICAPS is offered to participants of many personal wellness funds in Australia and covers solutions from a selection of wellness providers such as Papillon Denture Services.

At your consultation all you do is turn over your exclusive health and wellness fund card or Medicare card at the time of settlement and your insurance claim could be refunded in minutes. When the insurance claim has actually been refunded, you pay the difference in between the price of the denture service and also your HiCaps claim. Easy!

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